2015 Cup Draws

Cup Winners (22 August 2015)
U-16 Girls – Flamborough Pro Oil Change
U-16 Boys – Flamborough Waterdown Academy
U-18 Girls – Caledonia Black
U-18 Boys – Flamborough Vision Care
Women's Spectator Cup – Hamilton Sparta
Women's Open Divisions 3&4 – Ancaster ACFC
Men's Open Division 1 – Glanbrook 1 Robinson
Men's Open Division 2 – Mount Hamilton Royals
Men's Open Division 3 – Glanbrook 2 Goud

Cup U16 Girls Cup U16 Boys
Cup U18 Girls Cup U18 Boys
Women's Spectator Cup 2015 Cup Women's Open D3+D4
Cup Men's Open D1 Cup Men's Open D2 Cup Men's Open D3

SECTION E (a) ... If both teams have similar shirt colours, the home team will change colours.
Schedules subject to change.

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