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West Wentworth Interlock Soccer League, or WWISL for short, is a recreational soccer league based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. WWISL runs Open Age divisions for both men and women. Working with The Hamilton and District Soccer Association, WWISL provides soccer clubs in Hamilton and surrounding areas an opportunity to compete against each other. The following clubs are participating in WWISL for the 2017 season: Ancaster, Dundas United, East Hamilton, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Haldimand (Caledonia, Cayuga, and Hagersville), Hamilton Croatia, Hamilton Polonia, Hamilton Sparta, Mount Hamilton, Saltfleet Stoney Creek, and Sons of Italy Hamilton Federazione Calcio.

July 20th, 2017 - All city fields (except Heritage Green #4) are closed, Caledonia fields are open | Sports Fields Rain Out Policy

2017 WWISL Schedules
Schedules are available in one format at the moment (XLSX) and are subject to change

Women's Open D1 Men's Open D1
Women's Open D2 Men's Open D2
Women's Open D3

2017 WWISL Standings
Women's Open D1
Ancaster Lady Titans71718
Hamilton Sparta5815
East Hamilton Stars7414
M.H. Fighting Irish7411
Croatia Hamilton629
Mt. Ham. FC White6-94
Flamborough Royals7-94
Flamborough Flames7-240
Women's Open D2
East Hamilton Rocks71719
Caledonia Hurricanes7815
Dundas FC5412
Ancaster Rocchi7111
Flamborough Hawks6210
Caledonia Wildcats708
Mt. Ham. Alpha Phi7-94
East Ham Athletic6-53
Cayuga Broecheler7-210
Women's Open D3
S.C. Battalions72718
Mount Hamilton FC52015
SOI Fiorentina FC61315
Flamboro Wildcats6912
Mt Hamilton Azzurri6812
Cayuga Wellings Auto7-112
East Ham Reel Ladies6210
East Ham V. Secrets7-77
Hagersville Fusion7-125
Flamboro Hustlers7-104
Mt Ham Dark Knights6-241
Men's Open D1
Stoney Creek Mustangs7515
Mount Hamilton Royals51313
Ancaster Young Boys7813
Flamborough Aventix7-110
Ancaster Fede7-210
Ancaster Azzurri719
Caledonia Rangers7-49
East Hamilton5-17
Ancaster Bowman6-190
Men's Open D2
Mt. Ham. Workaholics71816
Polonia Hamilton7716
Ancaster DAFC7715
Ancaster Three Lions7715
Ancaster Carbone7210
SOI Napoli FC758
FDSC Green7-48
Glanbrook TSN 1150727
Cayuga RS A&T Services7-213
Mt. Hamilton Bastion7-231

* p - promoted to higher division in 2018 w/Board approval
* r - relegated to lower division in 2018 w/Board approval
* x - clinched 1st place in division
* Mercy rule in effect (max. goal differential - 5)
* f/d - won by forfeit/default
* PPD - game postponed
* DNF - game did not finish
* Teams dropping out/coming into league could affect divisions for next season (2018)

Important Dates

Clubs cannot add league teams at any level after the first of April (April 1st) unless otherwise approved by WWISL.

Each Club shall submit to the Secretary of WWISL a player roster for each team playing in the league before the start of the season.

All players on WWISL teams must have a current player registration book giving the player’s name, full birth date, team name and level. The player’s book must be stamped by Hamilton District by June 30th and available prior to the first game. No player’s book will be stamped by Hamilton District after June 30th without approval from the WWISL Executive.

Players not registered with WWISL and H&DSA (or own home district) by June 30th cannot play in this league. Final cut-off for a Club to change or add players to the players’ roster shall be June 30th.

There will be no rescheduled games after July 1st due to lack of players.

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2017 WWISL Game Sheets
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2017 WWISL Rules
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(Updated Feb. 17, 2017)


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